Bestiary NFT

Bestiary Story

After a great cataclysm humanity has gradually disappeared, then mythological beings, spectres and monsters have taken control of the world and created a society. And now it is humans who are considered a myth, the little that is still known about them is that they are weak and ambitious.

The story would take place in a kind of academy where different monsters prepare to be elite guardians for the world, and the director of the academy has a human under his care, however he is not a student at first, he is a gardener.

After some suffering from the bully of the students one day he decides to strike back, here it is revealed that the few remaining humans have been trained as monster hunters for generations.

Among the many hunting tools and gadgets that humans use, one of the most important is the bestiary, since here the strengths and weaknesses of each monster are revealed.

The Ocean Cleanup

We aim to give 100% of the secondary market royalties to the Ocean Cleanup

The wallet is algoceancleanup.algo


10% of the sales toward the Environemental organization

The Artist

The Bestiary NFT Collection comes from the imagination of MoDathan, who is right now aiming to study more, access to international exhibitions, open a Gallery in a Metaverse and turn to life the Bestiary through an Animate of OAV.

Bestiary NFT can open his talent to the world and bring him a brilliant career.

Check out his youtube to discover his talent.


20 Characters

243 NFTs each

Each character has its own story and BESTIARY NFT starts with Ghost

Ghosts are excellent at sneaking around

After all walls fail to stop them, but they are quite rare even in the times of the new beings, but this particular one is not just any ghost, after her death the little Mina Alhazred has become a spirit and has remained anchored in what was her father’s castle, now converted into the fortress of the order of the hunters, therefore she has spent centuries hiding from the gaze of those who have sworn to destroy those who are similar to her, until a small apprentice hunter noticed her existence.


Quantity: 4


Quantity: 36


Quantity: 92


Quantity: 111


Jack O Lantern Little is remembered of the days before the eternal twilight, but something can be confirmed without a doubt, Jack was already a swindler, after all when he brngs up his humanity, he boasts of being the best information broker in the world, thanks to his extremely well-paid service to the Nameless Cult he managed to get in touch with all kinds of dark grimoires.

When the disaster began, Jack was on the verge of his end, but using macabre spells he managed to cheat death but unfortunately cursed himself and ended up mutating in the immortal pumpkin head specter that he is today.

Since the first conflicts between humans and creatures, Jack began to make deals with both sides to keep himself and his businesses safe, and after centuries of trickery, tricks and treats his knowledge and connections have made him extremely dangerous, but his nature pushes him to always served the highest bidder.


Quantity: 4


Quantity: 36


Quantity: 92


Quantity: 111

All the BESTIARY Characters

Support The Ocean Cleanup

Support MoDathan

10% to the charity and 100% Ghost/Medusa's secondary market sales

Finance MoDathan studies, exhebitions and Metaverse gallery

Brawlhalla video game

Algorand & Bestiary

Help to bring one of the BESTIARY characthers into Brawlhalla

With your help we can bring to life the characters, aiming to produce and animate, maybe even an OAV. You will become a co-producer

The Ocean Cleanup

10% of the sales are going toward The Ocean Cleanup and 100% of the Ghost/Medusa secondary market sales


The video game developer Blue Mammoth Games/Ubisoft, will be solicited to integrate one of the Bestiary's NFTs into the video game Brawlhalla (NFT holders vote for the character to integrate)

MoDathan Art Specialization

Thanks to the sales of the NFTs, MoDathan will enrol a specialization in illustration at the Uniminuto univertsity in Bogota.

International Art Exhibitions

The Artist MoDathan represented by his NFT Artist Agent, will be propelled into international Art exhibitions to increase his popularity and demands, he will become an international recognized Artist, bringing added value to all the Bestiary NFTs' holders.

MetaVerse Gallery

The BEstiary NFT is not just a project but first an Artist NFT collection by "MoDathan" thus aim to open a MetaVerse gallery in one of the existing platforms on Algorand or up-coming ones.

Looking Glass Portrait

Within the 4,860 NFTs there are 80 Legendary NFT holders, they will all receive a 3D animated version of their NFT along with a Looking Glass Portrait

Produce an animated video series.

Bringing all Bestiary characters to life. The goal is for all NFT holders to become co-producers of the animate thus getting royalties from the gross incomes.